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2024 recitals will be held on January 20th and June 15th. Mark your calendars!

Fee: $25 per student, payable by check, cash or online payment forms (please state that the payment is for the "recital fee", thank you!)

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Location: Westfield Presbyterian Church, 140 Mountain Ave, Westfield, NJ 07090

inside the chapel (from the parking lot)

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Start time for all musicians depends on which recital you are in. There will be no need for intermission due to the scheduling this year.

Start time for Recital 1 is at 1 pm

String players: 12:30 pm for TUNING

Start time for Recital 2 is at 3 pm

String players: 2:30 pm for TUNING

Everyone is welcome to start arriving just before the recital times.

Please stay for the duration of the recital: we will take photos at the beginning of intermission and at the end.


I have a photographer (my brother) who will be coming to take photos and film during the entirety of the event. I urge students to stay for the whole recital as I would like to take a student and teacher photo at intermission and at end of the recital. All photos will be provided on my Google Classroom through my Google Drive at the end of the recital: please feel free to download and print out photos as you wish!


I encourage filming, I will also be filming the concerts on my camera for those who are unable to. All of these videos will be available in the shared Google Drive. If anyone wants their performance video individually, please let me know and I can send over a clip separately via email. 


Concert black is best, but I do not strictly adhere to it. Students should ideally wear clothing that is semi-formal; no sneakers, boots or open-toed shoes! Please note that the church is usually pretty warm year round. If you have any questions about this, please contact me.


For parents and students, we have to remember that this is the opportunity for our musicians to show their hard work to their families and friends, and so they deserve our respect and our attention throughout the recital. I expect that if there are to be any issues during the recital that they be resolved outside of it, and that to minimize noise, there shouldn't be any leaving or arriving at random times. If there is a need to leave during intermission, please take the time to do so there.


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