This summer, I am happy to provide a 2.5 hour session twice a week (Monday and Thursday) to students who are be interested in a theory/art program. Both sessions may occur simultaneously, depending on interest/attendance. Please contact me if you have any questions!

MUSIC THEORY: A focused session on understanding of music notation and improving reading speed of notation. Exercises include: dictation, composition, and aural skills (solfege and rhythm clapping)

ART: Foundations of art and application to pencil and charcoal. I am hoping to be able to provide painting in the future but because of two sessions, I am limiting it to sketching at the moment. Elements to be discussed include: line, value, texture, shape, form, space. Principles to be discussed include: balance, unity/harmony, rhythm, emphasis, proportion, variety, pattern, and gradation.

Time: TBA

Dates: August 1st through August 25th

Sign Up: TBD


Solfege Summer Camp
Cadenza Camp